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Malaga, Spain / 1 video + 22 photos

I’ll memorise year 2013 as my travel year: Bormio (Italy) in spring, Malaga (Spain) – summer and USA – New York and San Francisco (my longest trip in life so far – a bit more than two weeks..) in autumn. I’ll start with Spain and I will keep it in my mind by publishing 1 video and 22 photos (I-phone).

I was for the first time in my life in Spain (except Barcelona). Of course, it is always nice, when it’s warm and sunny and you don’t have to do anything…, but I have to admit that today it seems much more exciting, because I have forgotten how hot it was (though it was not the hottest summer at all there), almost all the food was fried, there were stones on the beach and some other things I didn’t enjoy so much. But the hotel was great, with very good breakfast and pool on the roof, and so was the shopping. And I just loved that marvelous Cathedral and Picasso Museum.


Tūristiem stāsta, ka Antonio Banderasam un Pikaso ļoti šitas patīk / They tell Antonio Banderas and Picasso family loved this one

IMG_0 IMG_1 IMG_2 IMG_3 IMG_4 IMG_5 Malaga_Spain_Sabine_Rapa_1 IMG_6 IMG_8 IMG_9_1 IMG_10 IMG_13 IMG_17 IMG_18 IMG_18_1 IMG_18_2 IMG_21 IMG_24 IMG_25 IMG_26 IMG_27


30 Seconds of Beautiful Life / 30 sekundes skaistās dzīves


My horoscope sign is cancer. And I do believe in horoscopes. (Have been to real astrologist even twice.) That means, that in my heart I am a very romantic, more past than future oriented person. (Yes, love historical movies and tv series taking action before our time. Totally not interested in science fiction.) That definitely explains, why I love this ad SOooo MUCH. (I would never want that perfume if not that ad, actually I still don’t have it.) But yes, in my world those 30 seconds is a total symbol of beautiful life. (And that second video explains the first one.)


Pēc horoskopa esmu vēzis. Un es horoskopiem ticu. (Pie astrologa esmu bijusi pat reizes divas.) Savā būtībā (nu kā vēzis..) esmu ļoti romantiska, vairāk uz pagātni vērsta būtne. (Jā, ļoti patīk vēsturiskas filmas, seriāli, kuru darbība risinās pirms mūsu laika. Pilnīgi nesaista zinātniskā fantastika.) Tas noteikti arī izskaidro, kādēļ man TIiiiK ĻOTI patīk šī reklāma. (Bez tās es nekad negribētu, un man pat patiesībā vēl nemaz nav, tās smaržas.) Bet jā, manā pasaulē tās 30 sekundes ir skaistās dzīves simbols. (Un tas otrs video paskaidro to pirmo.)


Two Mothers / immoral and very beautiful movie

Australian / French drama film

130801_a67sl_adore_film_sn635 maxresdefault two mothers movie image 1 perfect-mothers-naomi-watts-e-xavier-samuel-in-una-scena-tratta-dal-film-281192 00290065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_00000065-06d3-0000-0000-000000000000_20130215042845_Two-Mothers-1 twomothers2 Two-Mothers-Robin-Wright-Naomi-Watts


good work

“Man ir absolūti svarīgi justies labi tajā, ko es daru.”

“Savā ziņā ir vienalga, kur Tu strādā, darbs ir jādara godprātīgi un no sirds.”

/Kristīne Jurjāne, KD 17.jan.’13/


“It is absolutely important for me to feel good in what I do.”

“In a way it doesn’t matter, where you work, job must be done in good faith and from your whole heart.”

Kristine Jurjane

2 learnings / dating in NY

7:22 ‘Luck of self assurance, I find that to be incredibly unsexy. When someone is not sure of himself and doesn’t project that outlook. It’s like, how are you supposed to respect someone who is not respecting himself.’

7:33 ‘What is sexy? Well smart is of course. ‘With or without you, sir, I’ll survive, I’ll be good…’ – I think that’s incredibly sexy.’


4:07 ‘Nobody makes a phone call anymore it’s texting…I did have this guy actually call me…and he was like – ‘I thought I’d just do something very 80ties and I’d call you!’, and he was so funny…’

Gorgeous Anna

If there is true love, you can’t escape it and you can’t resist it. And it’s more likely to happen to beautiful people, because Keira Knightley is just gorgeous as Anna Karenina and so are her outfits.

Am a little bit ashamed I didn’t recognize Jude Law, I was told afterwards that was him, I even thought they should have chosen someone more handsome for that role.

Loved the music and loved the way they danced.










Krievietes var / Russian girls can

Protams, es zināju viņu Mašu – Mariju Šarapovu, bet paveraties uz šīm divām krievu skaistulēm – Aņu un Žeņu, kuras nesen kā izcīnīja zeltu mākslas vingrošanā un augstlēkšanā. Es domāju, mierīgi uzvarētu arī, ja Olimpiāde būtu skaistumkonkurss. Skatos un apbrīnoju, ka var būt gan skaistas, gan labākās pasaulē.

p.s. Jā, arī mūsu Ineta Radēviča ir ļoti glīta. 4.vietas glīta.


Of course I new their Masha –  Maria Sharapova, but look at these two russian beauties, who just won gold in rhythmic gymnastics and high jump. I think they would win if Olympics were a beauty contest as well . I think it’s amazing – to be beautiful and best in the world.

Anna Chicherova

Evgeniya Kanaeva

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