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Karstais weekends Usmā / Hot weekend in Usma

July 29, 2012

Šī bija īstā nedēļas nogale, ko pavadīt pie ezera ar daudz, daudz radiniekiem (no mātes puses). Reizi vasarā viņi vienmēr brauc pie mums padzīvoties un es priecājos, ka mums tā paveicās ar laiku. Ļoti reti ezers ir kā spogulis.


This was the right weekend to spend by the lake with the my many, many relatives (from mother’s side). They always come once during the summer to spend some time by the lake and I’m so glad we were so lucky with the weather. It’s very rare the lake is like a mirror.

Dāvana / The gift

Un šādi ir katru gadu / And it is like this every year

Īsta lauku torte / Real country baked cake

Man bija tas gods sagriezt / I had the honor to cut the cake

Crocs apavi ir ļoti neglīti, nu izņemot šos Lotes (5 gadi) / Crocs shoes are very ugly, well except these Lote (5 years) had

Divi bērni un mēness / Two kids and the moon

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