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last week

April 10, 2011

I started writing this post already on Wednesday night with the heading ‘something is wrong’, and it went like this:

In my Twitter account profile in section ‘about me’ I have written – ‘Trying to figure out’. I did it without any special reason. (Besides to pretend to be more interesting than without anything written there.) But right now, when it’s 2 o’clock at night and I just finished working to start again very soon, I’m really trying to figure out what am I doing wrong in my life!?

Now it’s Sunday and I continue:

Last three weeks I had to replace couple of colleagues, who went on vacation (you can read about it here, when it all still seemed fun to me), but that Wednesday I was really angry (like reached the highest point, looked something like my rat, seen below), but now it’s over and here are some nice observations:

– I understand how irreplaceable my colleagues are, this should make them happy!!!

– I really hate shooting production (have done it, and realized it again), that means organizing everything for ad filming, finding locations, casting, meetings with the creatives…,that most of the people just love to do, not me;

– too much work minimizes my ability to think clearly, best decision (regarding work) I took this Saturday morning at home;

– too much work makes my body feel sick (was not alone like this), I even went to doctor, they took all the analysis, told me that I’m perfectly healthy (this always surprises me) and suggested to take Herbastress pills;

– there is a moment, when you unconsciously start not to care about anything, good that I cached it;

– good way to cope with the situation is complaining – starting form higher management till my masseuse (have started it recently, because I was raised with the idea that you should not complain), doesn’t change a thing, but makes me feel better immediately;

– saying – ‘what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger’ doesn’t work for me, I don’t want to get any stronger, I think this one is for the guys;

– I’ll prepare the lecture for students about project management in a creative agency and tell them how it really is.

But the conclusion is – I am satisfied with the experience – made me realize what I want/don’t want to do and what I can do. (All about how I promised never to complain about my work, you can read here.) Have a nice week!

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