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experimenting with myself

March 27, 2011

On friday night I went out to a party and then an after-party without drinking. For me it really was a big thing, because I don’t remember myself doing it like ever. (Haven’t been pregnant, that I considered to be the only excuse so far.) Still a while ago I thought that it is really stupid, then it is not worth to leave the home at all.

But well something in my head changed or something has been too much lately and the conclusion (actually it came almost as a surprise) is that it’s not so bad at all, I didn’t feel much different and there were even several positive aspects: I didn’t miss anything and I could see other people drunk, looks funny, but good funny. I could drive myself home – of course, you can always take a taxi, but to be honest, I find that communication with the other sober person – the driver in this case, not a very pleasant experience. And, of course, the most important – I had an excellent and long Saturday – no headache, no sleeping the whole day, no emotional hangover followed by junk food eating …

Among other things I did, I went shopping. Had to celebrate that on Friday I signed an agreement – for the first time in my life I’ll be payed for what I wrote. Nothing much, but it felt sooo good, that as the result of overwhelming happiness I spent a lot more, the I’ll receive (so good there are credit cards). So I can’t add saving of money to the positive aspects of Friday night.

I’m not saying that I’ll never drink again (especially due to my deep love of wine) and everybody should stop drinking now, but I will be much more understanding for those who do what I did, and I won’t have that look on my face ‘Why??? Is something wrong with you???’

Photo Kimberley Gordon

One Comment
  1. Viola permalink

    I haven’t had a drink for almost two months now. It feels great and I look much better too! Keep it up.

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