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night before (actual skiing trip)

March 11, 2011

Finally I’m packed (together with the skis – three pieces of luggage, no idea, how I’ll get it all down to taxi tomorrow 6 am), ready to leave the country (well let’s be honest – work) for a week. Have looked very much forward to this skiing trip to Italy for the following reasons.

Firstly (reason zero being italian food and wine, of course), because I didn’t go last year, I had other priorities, like moving to the apartment I’m still very happy to live in.

Secondly, because I’m going together with my good old friends I can be myself with and don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not, as with all those advertising people I meet daily (ok, ok, kidding a liittle, I just don’t have time to meet them).

And thirdly, because my sister is not coming with us, so finally I feel like I’m going on trip with grown-ups (kidding again…, or may be not).

I think I’ll just relax and chill and drink wine the first couple of days and do just a little skiing. I actually tried snowboarding last year, it was fun, but as well it’s too much effort and I cannot find motivation for that at this stage of my life (and you have to wear the helmet that I don’t think make me look more beautiful). So it will be the good old slalom I remember doing almost since I remember myself (thanks to my parents) and now (specially, when I have tried snowboard) I think it’s actually kind of cool.

And I have as well something to look forward when I’m coming back, because finally I will be bringing home my cat. He’ll be all grown-up, gotten smart and I will call him Žanis!


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