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personal fight

March 3, 2011

I was feeling sick on and off this whole week. (Well people around me are doing it lately and I’m very easily influenced.) It even went so far that I signed for a doctor’s appointment yesterday. But then I woke up this morning and thought – do I really want to be sick now? Now, when I have been going to work the whole week and have all those pleasant weekend plans? (Well, the most important being going out on Friday, but followed by strip-dance class on Saturday that I will probably skip because of Friday, but there is still massage and pedicure and shopping and yoga and movies…(being usually very busy in weekends ).) And, of course, the answer is NO.

So I cancelled my doctor’s appointment, because what would be the point of going there, if I don’t feel like taking all those antibiotics usually prescribed, because it excludes alcohol in the first place. And from the other side I don’t have to go there and pay money to hear that I’m fine. (Have to admit I had to fight a little with myself before this decision and I did buy vitamins today.)

Feeling great tonight (yes, I have read that Secret book as well), but I’m starting to hear all those voices – you should have never said this, now you’ll definitely get sick (now I’m getting really scared), similar to how I was told in childhood, when I was laughing a lot, from all my heart – be careful, see if you don’t have to cry afterwards… But from the other side – I have said it out loud now, so it won’t happen anyway!

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