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getting more personal

February 16, 2011

I was reading some articles about blogging as such and it said that best blogs are those which create an original content, what I’m not so much doing. I have a lot of cut out and scanned pictures from magazines, posts about movies I have seen, quotes others have written…, so I have decided to get more personal, meaning posts about personal lifestyle that to my understanding can include everything I’m doing.

So here it goes. I hadn’t had long evening home for some time now and I really need it from time to time to function normally, so I had to buy stuff for that. I bought some ice salad to make for dinner with shrimps, cherry tomatoes and Monterigo cheese. Freshly baked (still warm) Ciabatta bread to go with it. (God, it sounds so healthy and posh, or not…)

And here are three things I bought and could make more or less decent pictures with my I-phone: Red magazine that promises me to be 365 days happier; Cookies with white chocolate and macadamia nuts; Organic white tea with raspberry. I just have to learn to drink tee, because I have never understood how a person can enjoy (I mean really ennnn-joy) a cup of tee, so I choose this one, but mostly because of nice packaging (and I like raspberries). May be this will work, since my choice of perfume is based on ads only. Just will finish my glass of Freixenet and will try it out.

Well, this was almost as personal as about ironing I wrote here.

  1. kas ir shrimps???? un white tea – labaakaa teeja tieshi aiz omishu zaalju teejaam 😉 mana iecieniitaakaa ir baltaa teeja ar granatabolu un tad tejas maisinju karstaa uudenii iekhaa un uzreiz aaraa… mmmmmmm

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