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ethan’s hair

January 30, 2011

Today I watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, that little by little got me into deep depression. (Good that I had that Vestard Shimkus concert in the evening, that cheered me up a little.) But I continued to torture myself because of Ethan Hawke. He is definitely among my top 5 actors (not sure about those other 4 yet).

It started with Reality Bites, where he plays with Winona Ryder. I think it’s so typical 90ties movie and one of the best parts is that stupid My Sharona dance they perform in a gas station shop.

And then there is Great Expectations, of course, where he is totally fooled by Gwyneth Paltrow and I can feel such a pity for him. I even read the book, though I don’t like reading too much.

Besides that he is an actor I like that he has, what I call, hair without color. I think men with hair like that has more colorful personalities, because they are not overwhelmed by hair.


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