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street style

November 28, 2010

Street style have been very in lately, there are so many blogs…., I, personally, follow The Satorialist, that is considered the first and the best (you can disagree, but make sure you read that smart post: The Cardigan, Madrid) and Facehunter, that (I think) is more street, and he was in Riga after all.

But…, if you suddenly asked me, what is my true opinion, I would say  –  ‘It’s taking an advantage of other peoples creativity.’ But I (and I guess those people photographed as well) don’t mind. And here are some pictures I have lately copied for myself, so to say for inspiration.

p.s. You know, I’m not too found of wearing jeans. Agree, that they are comfortable, but noticed that I don’t feel the best, when having them on. I think I’ll try them in red, may be that could help.

  1. these are some great pics. Did you take these? I especially like #3 🙂

    • No, no I didn’t take them! There are found in different other style blogs. I know I have to write sources :), I’ll try in the future. Glad you liked them!

  2. Zane permalink

    Iečekoju The Satorialist. PALDIES!
    Kā man pietrūkst Eiropas!!! ahh… un Milānas elpas detaļās..

  3. madara permalink

    baigi labas bildes atlasītas!! Otrā bilde- vispār tik manaa gaumē..!:)

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