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NY tomorrow

November 13, 2010

I started to think – what I would like to do most in New York and basically its 3 simple things – eating, drinking and shopping. But not to sound too simple I’ll check out, if it really is like described here:

‘New York is incredible, electric, ever-moving, ever-changing place to live in. When you’re there, it feels like the center of the universe. No other city has the vibrancy, excitement and energy of NYC. On any given day, something will happen that will either excite you or shock you. It can be crazy and crowded and ruthless and that’s why we love it. Sometimes gritty, sometimes elegant, yet always true to life.’

O.k., but this is how far my associations with NY go so far – Yellow Cabs, Brooklyn Bridge, Sex & the City, Statue of Liberty (not on my must see list), Empire State Building (may be), Gossip Girl, 5th avenue, Tiffany & Co, Twin Towers (or the place they were, to be more precise), Time Square, Central Park, Guggenheim Museum, American Vogue, Friends, Soho… and that’s basically it…, sorry have never been there.


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