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my money issues

November 10, 2010

Years ago I could dream about the amount of money I’m earning today, but still, as most of us, I’m broke at the end of the month and I really think that it is not normal!!! And then I found this article about bad habits that make you broke:

1) Window shopping – yes, I just have to stay away from the stores, because I don’t have that common problem –  ‘there is nothing to buy’, I can always find something.

2) Carrying more cash with you than needed – I already know that you spend more, paying with card, so I use cash, but turns out I have to limit myself with it as well.

3) Giving your contacts, like e-mail, phone to shops and then they keep sending all that spam. For now on I’ll refuse to accept any more client cards or those ones you have to collect stamps to get discount.

4) Use of coupons – I would add catalogues here as well, because I just can’t resist those offers, so I buy not what I have decided, but choose from the stuff somebody sends me – sounds stupid enough.

5) Shopping with emotions – it was said clearly: ‘Sober up before shopping’. Reward yourself by doing something that doesn’t cost. Just have to figure out what could that be!? (hopefully not food…)

6) Not planning – I am planning, I love planning, but I guess that other habits take over.

Conclusion: Since I enjoy saving more than spending, I have to discipline myself and work on some new habits, that hopefully will lead to some extra cash. Wish me luck!

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