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dogs & discipline

October 10, 2010

Lately, (since I had to babysit my mom’s dog for a week) I’m kind of obsessed with dog’s issues.

Some people think that good reason for actually getting a dog is that it will discipline you! Meaning that you’ll have to take him out every morning and evening, get home in time….

I have to discipline myself everyday to get up and go to work (well, more just to get up, not so much go), I think it’s enough discipline for me. In the rest of time I want to sleep, stay out, enjoy life, not be disciplined. Life is not about discipline. (May be for kids and elderly people, but now I even admit it was definitely too early to get a dog for our mom.)

The only reason for me having a dog will be to save him from dying in shelter, when I’ll have those kids needed to be disciplined.

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