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wine studio surprise

August 27, 2010

Amazing thing happened to me yesterday. I hadn’t met my friend Kristine like for ages, (meaning the whole summer), so we finally agreed to meet and check out the recently opened wine studio in Galeria Centrs (I love the one they have on Elizabetes street). It was not the best day of my life, but I was really looking forward to the evening, having some wine, chatting, but then around 4 p.m., received an e-mail, that she kind of cannot make it tonight… I was really pissed off and I replied, that f…, I had left my car at home in this terrible weather, so I can drink, I agreed to miss my dance class, that actually she is ruining my whole day… usually I would be like … well o.k., if you cannot tonight, let’s reschedule, I understand…, but this made an impact and she replied o.k, let’s leave it as planned.

I was late. But on my way there I received sms from Kristine, that something is going on at that place, but I just have to go in and so I did. We ended up at the official opening night of the place, meaning red carpet, celebrities, excellent wine and snacks, everything for free…  The feeling was like I’m invited, especially after business card  lottery, (I didn’t have the one with me, but they let me write my name and phone number on the peace of paper) when I won a bottle of Prosecco… (And astrologist once told me I will never be lucky in lotteries, it’s not even worth to buy a ticket.)

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