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U2 in Finland

August 24, 2010

I just can’t stop wandering – why there are so many people in the world, so many of them are singing, but exactly the combination of those 4 makes it!?

U2 has never been my favorite band, but I was convinced they have like the best show ever, and you just have to see it . Well I was not dissatisfied at all.

Certainly additional value was that hotel was overbooked and instead of the standard room I had booked and that still costed like a fortune for me in a city center, they gave me the one on the last floor, with balcony and sauna for the same price, that at that moment didn’t seem so high any more. For me those are those little things that makes me happy and I if you have money enough, I think it’s worth paying extra for better accommodations, I’m out of that age of sleeping wherever, I do value the space around me.

Since I’m no fan of U2, good I did a little homework a week before the concert:

– read about 30 pages of the book U2BYU2; – learned the lyrics of the latest album (my favorite quotes below); – listened to new album non-stop in my car; – watched the movie ‘It might get laud’ featuring The Edge.

Bono is a star, it’s just literally coming out from him. He could just walk around the stage, without singing, but he sings ‘I was born to sing for you…’ As described in that same book, after the first gig as a teenager he just understood that’s what he wants to do for the rest of his life. And what I like most what he says, that he cannot be normal, there’s something missing, if he needs 70 000 people screaming their love you every night. Lovely insanity…

So still, if we get back to the start – why he, why they, why not me (besides that I cannot sing), when I will have that moment of understanding what to do for the rest of my life, because yes, ‘I still have not found what I’m looking for’

Love these: “Every beauty has to go out with an idiot.”; “…There’s a part of me in the chaos that’s quiet / And there’s a part of you that wants me to riot…’


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