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on my way to Barcelona

July 11, 2010

I’m on my way to Barcelona. On plane exactly. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or some secret, but the picture from Barcelona was one of the first ones I posted here. And now, I could say suddenly I’m on my way there – 4 days!!!

Thanks to Eric and Zanite, I’m going to Art Directors Club of Europe this years Award’s festival. To be honest I’m a little nervous, because of going alone, but my colleague Una, who was there the year before told that I have an advantage of being blond, so everybody will like me anyway. Let’s see about that… And there will be only ‘old crabs’ (that’s how she call all the Creative Directors from old European countries) in film jury anyway. Today I’ll have time to walk around, find the place of event.

This morning I finally decided that I’ll take that nice, green Airbaltic taxi to the airport, not the cheap Alviksa as usually. And my driver was a woman – I have to admit it felt as an unpleasant surprise. Of course, I had heard of Lady taxi and so, but didn’t expect to experience it myself.  But now I know I’m a very traditional orientated person and expect taxi drivers to be men. That’s just the way I like it. And plus the fact her being a woman I had to listen to some Latvian (latviesu) radio the whole way, that was even worse than Latvijas Radio 2 and as well she was operating her self phone while driving and I didn’t feel very safe in the situation of heavy rain and traffic. And I hate that about myself – I couldn’t tell her to change the station and stop using the phone, the whole way was sitting and thinking that I should do that, but something inside of me kept me from doing it. I think I have to see somebody about that.

Well but I got to the airport in time and used the opportunity to spend enormous amount of money on tax-free cosmetics, but still  it was much less than I would, if buying all those things in Stockman. Finally got that Lancome Mascara my favorite actress Julia Roberts is advertising and my first Channel lipstick that Vanessa Paradis is an advertising face of. Well I work in advertising… As for the perfume I just asked for the only one they have in 30 ml packaging, because I didn’t want to carry more liquid – it was Gucci II, and was fine. I have understood that the scents I’m really adore are those cheap ones like perfumes of SJP and Christina Agualera and I’m not ashamed of it any more.

My sister can confirm that I’m always choose that cheese and wine offer they have on airBaltic planes. I have tried as well hot meals that look so good in the menu pictures, but when you get that hot small box with it, there is no pleasure of the meal at all. Instead of enjoying the food you can only think how not to throw something on you or the person sitting next to you. But so you know, with the cheese you should choose white wine because everything is chilled on planes and red wine doesn’t taste so good cold. The first times we were flying airBaltic they offered some 5 varieties of cheese – starting from our Dzintars and even some blue cheese…What I received this time was quite large pack of some Lithuanian hard cheese – o.k., cheese was good, but package was way too big! And then there was a peace of Philadelphia you could have on those crackers that hasn’t changed since I’m flying. O.k., they have added olives, that were good, but please don’t write that you have a plate of hard and soft cheeses if there is only one hard and one soft cheese.

Otherwise everything is fine, just ill have to wake up sleeping russian beauties next to me, because I have to go to the toilette.


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