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Sofia / Respect for Life

The Gentlewoman, Issue No 15, Spring & Summer 2017

“This sounds superficial, but the way people dress up for dinner or take the time to sit in a cafe and have lunch – there is a respect for life. They’re not just working all the time. …”

“Just working hard and doing the work you believe in – that gives you satisfaction.”IMG_5407IMG_5405IMG_5403IMG_5409

Love her style

Source –

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New Life

It’s last week of September – just the right time to tell you that I have some theories regarding so called beginning of “New Life”. One is that you can start it twice a year (and it doesn’t include birthdays) – 1st of September and if you totally fail, it’s 1st of January your second chance. The other way to put it would be – trial period starts 1st of September and then from the 1st of January it’s for real. And the last one I like the most – 1st of September start the third quarter of the current year so it’s your (my) last chance to rethink or accomplish everything you planned this year and haven’t done until now. (Bring out those lists.)


Flashback from Paris

I met her in Paris. When I saw her I thought – finally. That’s how a real french woman looks like. And then I found out she is from Belgium and prefers beer to wine.

But she does spoke french, so it counts – and she had that natural hair color between dark blonde and brown that does not look gray as it usually would.

She wore trench coat, smoked and kissed on both cheeks immediately.

French inspiration.

Vogue 1953 / found on

Vogue 1953 / found on

Lana Del Rey / such a doll

As well from my desktop I-phone video collection.

@ ArenaRiga 14.07.13

She is such a doll, so feminine, so sad… so perfectly kept style.

Garbage / Shirley Manson

Cleaning my desktop and finding some interesting and inspirational stuff – I-phone videos.

Garbage @ Palladium Riga 14.11.12.

Have been a huge fan of Garbage since my teenage years during 90ties. She is such an inspiration what you can continue doing and how good you can look and move being 46Y old. (Was very surprised to find out afterwards.)




Malaga, Spain / 1 video + 22 photos

I’ll memorise year 2013 as my travel year: Bormio (Italy) in spring, Malaga (Spain) – summer and USA – New York and San Francisco (my longest trip in life so far – a bit more than two weeks..) in autumn. I’ll start with Spain and I will keep it in my mind by publishing 1 video and 22 photos (I-phone).

I was for the first time in my life in Spain (except Barcelona). Of course, it is always nice, when it’s warm and sunny and you don’t have to do anything…, but I have to admit that today it seems much more exciting, because I have forgotten how hot it was (though it was not the hottest summer at all there), almost all the food was fried, there were stones on the beach and some other things I didn’t enjoy so much. But the hotel was great, with very good breakfast and pool on the roof, and so was the shopping. And I just loved that marvelous Cathedral and Picasso Museum.


Tūristiem stāsta, ka Antonio Banderasam un Pikaso ļoti šitas patīk / They tell Antonio Banderas and Picasso family loved this one

IMG_0 IMG_1 IMG_2 IMG_3 IMG_4 IMG_5 Malaga_Spain_Sabine_Rapa_1 IMG_6 IMG_8 IMG_9_1 IMG_10 IMG_13 IMG_17 IMG_18 IMG_18_1 IMG_18_2 IMG_21 IMG_24 IMG_25 IMG_26 IMG_27

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